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Benefits of Art or Play Therapy for Kids and Teens

Throughout history, art has been used by humans to tell stories, express ourselves, and communicate with one another. From cave paintings to modern art, drawing pictures is one of the most natural forms of expression for humans, even when language has not been available to us. It is a unique communication tool that has played […]

Supporting Trans Youth: Parental Anxiety

Adult hand holding a child's hand

One of the main challenges parents of trans and nonbinary youth express to me is something they often share with their kids: feeling alone and unsupported. That feeling has changed in recent years. It’s hard to separate parental reactions to a child coming out, or asking for support with names, pronouns, clothes, and other kinds […]

Managing Back-To-School Stress and Anxiety

Fall is usually a sign that children are back at school, which can be exciting as kids are seeing friends and engaging in school activities again. However, it’s also common for children to feel worried or stressed during this season. Depending on their age, children may feel anxious about being away from their parents or […]

Navigating Medical Trauma: Understanding and Coping with Healthcare-Related Distress

As a registered clinical counsellor specializing in chronic illness, I am well acquainted with the concept of “medical trauma.” Unfortunately, it is an all-too-common experience for individuals living with chronic conditions. In this blog post, we will delve into what medical trauma entails and explore strategies for navigating its impact. What is Medical Trauma? Medical […]

Why Won’t My Anxiety Go Away?

This is a question that almost everyone with anxiety has asked. First of all, we all will experience some anxiety in our lives – a little bit is totally normal and okay. However, for some people, that anxious feeling grows and grows until it can feel uncontrollable and overwhelming.  In short, anxiety will not simply […]

Meet Our Team!

Four team members standing together against a tree, smiling

We’re so excited for you to meet the members of our team! Each person has been chosen because of their specific skills, perspectives, specializations, and unique lived experience. We are far from your “cookie-cutter” group of therapists. Each of us believes in providing a safe, inclusive and compassionate environment for you to begin your therapy […]