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Counselling provides a space and opportunity for you to explore behaviour, relationships, feelings, or thoughts that trouble you and cause difficulty in your life. Counselling is also a legitimate source of support in a crisis or during a difficult time. Therapy can bring deeper personal insight and awareness, better ways of understanding and coping with problems, and improve relationships. You should know; however, that counselling sometimes requires that you be willing to examine difficult topics or times in your life, to experience stronger than usual emotions, and to try out new and different behaviours.

Therapy can help you gain a new understanding of your problems and to acquire new ways of coping with and solving those problems. It can help you develop new skills and to change behaviour patterns that are not working. Therapy can contribute to an increased understanding of self and of regarding others

While there are potential benefits to therapy, success is not guaranteed and there are potential risks. Therapy may stimulate memories, evoke strong feelings, and changes in awareness may alter your self-perception and ways of relating to others. Sometimes, you may feel worse before you feel better. Therapy is a process and you can continually discuss any concerns you are having with us.

The frequency of therapy depends upon your needs and goals. Together we will develop a plan that typically starts with weekly sessions that will be adjusted later based on your progress.

The length of treatment depends on your situation and goals. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to feel a sense of progress. Long-term change might take several months. In some cases, individuals stay in therapy to continue their self-growth.

MSP does not cover psychotherapy fees but may be entirely or partially covered by your extended medical benefits, which recognize Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC or Canadian Certified Counsellors (CCC) or possibly deductible as a medical expense on income taxes. Please check your extended benefits plan for details of applicable coverage.

Your feelings of trust and comfort when working with a therapist should be your top priority. Book a consultation call to speak with a therapist to see if we are a good fit.

Yes, we do. However, if your partner is not agreeable to couples counselling, individual counselling can help you feel like you are coping in the best possible way with the challenges in your relationship.

Fees are payable by credit card at the beginning of the session and a receipt is issued. A 48 hours’ notice must be given for the cancellation of appointments; otherwise, the full session fee will be charged. As there is a high demand for services, your time is reserved exclusively for you and is not available to others. Please see our fees page for more information.

Information about counselling sessions will not be released to anyone without your informed, voluntary, and written consent.

Exceptions are:

  • When you may be a danger to yourself or others;
  • When there is suspicion or disclosure of abuse of vulnerable persons, such as a child or elderly person;
  • When records are subpoenaed by court order.


Every reasonable effort will be made to discuss these circumstances with you prior to the involvement of other professionals. An additional exception may be made if counselling has been paid for by a third party (such as an Employee Assistance Program). This will be discussed with you at the onset of counselling.

Research shows both types are just as effective. In-person sessions allow you to receive therapy in a neutral and private space, whereas online sessions will enable you to connect from the comfort of your own home. Which form of counselling you choose comes down to your personal preferences and specific circumstances for privacy.

An Intern Therapist is someone finishing their final stages of schooling and practicum hours. While they develop their skills they are under the supervision of an experienced, registered therapist who they meet with regularly to discuss strategies and techniques to ensure they are using the best tools to support clients. For clients, Intern Therapists mean a more affordable option for therapy, with the added benefit of having an experienced therapist’s oversight and collaboration. 

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